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We are an architectural and interior design practice, specializing in creating stunning one-off high-end residential buildings and collaboration with developers to design exceptional residential developments throughout the UK.

Bromley IV

The brief on this family home in Bromley was to create a spaces that flowed into one another yet were distinct in their use and character. The clean lines of the kitchen with a tucked away utility and loo allow for a clutter-free setting and a sense of openness across to the TV snug. The soft colours and fabrics in the TV snug contrast with the rustic materials in the kitchen – wood and marble. Pops of colour in the otherwise stately setting of the formal dining room lend a playful twist to the space and is an invitation for users of the space to make themselves comfortable and light in spirit.

The playroom, separate from the family living spaces is set out in pastel tones with natural materials and inviting patterns. The airy entrance hallway is designed to catch a glimpse of the grand extension space and the blooming garden beyond.

  • Location

    Bromley, UK

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    Interior Architecture