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We are an architectural and interior design practice, specializing in creating stunning one-off high-end residential buildings and collaboration with developers to design exceptional residential developments throughout the UK.

Tower Hill III

Our clients came to us with a compact three-storey townhouse with the desire to create a “wow” space. We had to press down our thinking caps really tight to come up with a space that not only delighted the client but surprised us too in a eureka moment when we stood in the little back garden and looked up at the house. The rear elevation had beautiful two-storey high windows that were begging for the space to be opened up proportionately on the inside.

This gave rise to the double-height dining space and space flowed not only from front to rear in the open plan ground floor but always upwards through the two-storey volume into the living space on the first floor. We are proud and excited about how we have been able to squeeze out the potential of a seemingly compact house to create space that almost never existed!

  • Location

    Tower Hill, London

  • Services

    Interior Architecture